The Guryong Walks is a video walk installation created in Seoul (South Korea), which superimposes the structure of a local shanty town on iconic places of the city's public space. The work revolves around the fact that the soon-to- be-evicted slum cannot be found as a settlement on online map services, while several yet to be build iconic places in Seoul metropolitan area are already signed up online as existing.

In the piece, the outlines of the shanty town serve as a blueprint for a series of walks in Seoul's public space - such as the rebuild palace, the financing district or the soccer world cup park. In these places, the outlines of the settlement were retraced as a video walk, re-performing a structure of virtual and political invisibility.

While exploring the making of places, the work is a reflection on the image of society we create by the technology we use and the city spaces we build.

Link to video

multi media installation, 1920 x 1080 video, gouache on paper, 15:29 mins, 40 x 40 cm, 2015