cosmos with you in the center of everything (and me as mercury)

1280x720 video, polyethylene film, plywood, mirror, archival pigment print on paper, loop, 2013

structure/calculation>> <<click on image for video

The work is an appropriation of the basic structure that shaped the place where the work was developed.

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre's centre structure, the exhibition hall, resembles in it's concentric circular build ideas of the solar system - as drawn by Ptolemy and Copernicus. Taking over this analogy, I enhanced the micro cosmos -macro cosmos idea and created a meta cosmos structure in video installation. Applying the size of the building onto sun scale, I calculated where the other planets would be if the building was indeed the center of the solar system - the sun.
I walked the orbits of these conceived planets and documented the walks, embodying these whilst leaving traces on their way. Using GPS, the movements synchronized with satellites circling the earth. The orbit walk functions as an extension of the human body space into celestial space and tries at the same time to reduce cosmic space to human scale.

Installation images at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Japan and Onassis Cultural Center Athens. Background image: Tadasu Yamamoto/ Aomori Contemporary Art Centre